Encaustic Exploration #1

I first discover encaustic while working at the Leopold Gallery in Kansas City. If I had known about this technique in college I think my work would have taken a much different turn. I was always experimenting with collage and never liking the results. Well... I've found my medium.

The last few years my encaustic work has been more of a finishing product for photography than anything else. This summer is the summer of stretching and exploring. Seeing what I can do with no limitations or expectations.

While most of my education has been online I did take a wonderful workshop at the Schack Art Center in Everett. They have affordable, 1 day workshops that fit with my busy travel schedule.

This piece I purposefully didn't want to use any photography, but I was shredding a ton of paper for a video (about shredding paper!!!) Idea Decanter was producing for a client and just thought I would fool around with abstraction.

Encaustic exploration #1 Security

It was harder than I expected to get the paper to stick and not move around too much while fusing. But I really like the end result.

"Security" Encaustic and paper on panel, 8" x 8"